Setting the Course for What Matters

This week has been years in the making. 
Perhaps even a decade.

Our Alliance is rebranding after bearing standards under the moniker the ‘Zigbee Alliance’ since 2002. We set sail then with 16 members. And, after nearly 20 years of hard work and pivots, big ideas and constant cooperation we stand today with 350 member companies under a new name that represents the multi-standards organization we together have become.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) proudly navigates forward as the home for both collaboration and development of IoT standards to connect consumers and communities across the world. CSA brings together global industry players focused on building a long-term promise of interoperability and trust as we lead and shape the future. 

This is where the IoT is happening. 

This group is defining next steps on a universal scale.

Our members are also steering another sea-change that’s been underway for quite some time. What’s been publicly referred to as Project CHIP over the past 18 months will now be known as Matter. Where matter is foundational to life, what our brand, Matter, delivers is foundational to the IoT. The new Matter mark reflects interoperability and equality of use, capturing the essence of the collaborative effort among technology brands large and small. 

Matter creates more connections between more objects, simplifies development for manufacturers, and increases compatibility for consumers. As Matter moves from specification into certified products towards the end of 2021, we’ll see a ripple effect from this collaboration outwards to the industry, onto store shelves, and into the hands and homes of consumers, businesses, buildings and beyond.

This week is more than a milestone for our organization.

It’s a celebration. 

And it’s an invitation – for those interested in transforming the IoT and making an impact to get on board, come and learn what the Connectivity Standards Alliance, our technologies and, now Matter, is all about. 

Matter is for everyone. 
Let’s take this journey together.