The Alliance Welcomes Six New Promoter Members to the Board of Directors

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (the “Alliance”), an organization with over 680 members working together to simplify and harmonize the Internet of Things (IoT) through technology standards, continues to expand the boundaries of IoT innovation while maximizing its global reach. With that, we are excited to announce the addition of Allegion, Espressif, Eve by ABB, Fortune Brands (Yale/August), Siemens Schweiz AG, and Verizon to the Alliance Board of Directors (Board) as they step into leadership roles, strengthening the Alliance’s commitment to transforming the future of the connected world.

With their inclusion, the Board gains a wealth of experience, expertise, and fresh perspectives contributing to shaping the future of interoperability standards. These elevated roles within the organization are a significant step forward in promoting cohesion in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape impacting interoperability around the globe.

“Our newest Promoter members embody diverse vantage points as leaders in their respective industries,” said Alliance President and CEO Tobin Richardson. “We extend a warm welcome to Allegion, Espressif, Eve by ABB, Fortune Brands (Yale/August), Siemens Schweiz AG, and Verizon as they join the Alliance Board. We value their dedication to fostering interoperability and jointly propelling the growth and expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT). Within the Working Groups of the Alliance, their collective experience spanning security, wireless connectivity, industrial innovation, smart home solutions, network connectivity, and commercial markets will play a pivotal role in further unifying the IoT ecosystem.”

As industry leaders, they may operate in distinct sectors, but all share a common vision for transformation in the IoT, making them invaluable to the Alliance’s global leadership. This innovative spirit, paired with worldwide reach, remain key drivers for the Alliance’s advancement, weaving together groundbreaking technologies and bringing endless potential to the future of connectivity. 

“I am delighted with the addition of Allegion, Espressif, Eve by ABB, Fortune Brands (Yale/August), Siemens Schweiz AG, and Verizon to the Alliance Board of Directors,” said Musa Unmehopa, Chair of the Alliance Board. “Their commitment to transforming the IoT and their presence on the Board underscores the increasing significance of our solutions in the marketplace and emphasizes our collective dedication to addressing an ever-expanding range of needs and viewpoints.”

In Their Own Words

Each new Promoter member offers their own individual contribution to the mission and vision of the Alliance.

“The IoT is an exciting and ever-evolving space, and it will take the combined effort of thought leaders to innovate responsibly and drive value for our connected world. I’m proud Allegion is one of those thought leaders, intentionally investing here through the Alliance. We have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions that will be combined and amplified with those of our partners to truly create seamless and secure experiences in people’s everyday lives.”  Ryan Kincaid, Director of Global Technology, Connectivity & Sensing, Allegion

A global pioneer in safety and security, Allegion recognizes the needs of an increasingly connected world in driving innovation across industries. Their inclusion on the Alliance Board is a testament to the growing importance of integrating forward-thinking security measures into connected devices and systems, especially those intended for safe, secure and seamless access.

“Espressif recently joined the Board of Connectivity Standards Alliance. As many of our customers and developers are aware, we strongly support and believe in the democratization of connectivity. As a member of the Board, our mission would continue to ensure we represent the voice of this broad spectrum of developers who build connected products, irrespective of the size, domain, and geography of customers driving innovation. We are committed to working with all members and directors of the Alliance to ensure we drive this awareness and contribute to standards and SDKs that benefit all device makers.” Amey Inamdar, Director of Technical Marketing, Espressif

As a world-leading AIoT solutions company, Espressif brings to the Alliance a deep understanding of wireless connectivity, focusing on developing cutting-edge communications and a keen ability to leverage wireless computing results in green, versatile, and cost-effective chipsets. Espressif’s involvement will be integral in setting standards that drive innovation and expand possibilities on a global level.

“Having been a pioneering member since Matter’s inception, the elevation of our status to Promoter Member is a recognition of our continued dedication to Thread and Matter and our passion for shaping the future of smart living. With this new status and a seat on the Board of Directors, Eve by ABB is now better poised than ever to contribute to the development and promotion of innovative and future-proof smart homes and buildings.”  Tim Böth, Senior Manager, Brand & Product, Eve by ABB.

Known for its innovative approach to connected home devices, Eve by ABB engineers seamless software with elegant hardware. By leveraging Thread and Matter technologies in their product lines Eve by ABB secure interoperability and superior standards of comfort, safety and efficiency across smart home platforms. They have earned a stellar reputation for their dedication to forward thinking solutions and their unique perspective and expertise will be a valued addition to Alliance leadership.

“Since the inception of Matter, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to its remarkable evolution. Witnessing the impressive strides that we’ve made, and the growing list of manufacturers and Matter products has been truly gratifying. I look forward to continuing my involvement and supporting the growth of Matter in the years ahead.” Kevin Kraus, VP of Technology Alliances and IoT Business Development, Yale and August

Fortune Brands (Yale/August) are smart home leaders dedicated to protecting the people, places and things that our customers love most. Both brands have been committed to Matter since its beginning, with members of our team involved in various working groups to help develop the standard firsthand, including engineering, certification and deployment. Yale proudly introduced the first Matter smart lock, and we remain committed to expanding our Matter-enabled offerings within the market.

“Smart buildings are becoming increasingly important and thus the relevance for technology standards. As one of the leading experts in building automation, we are aware of the need to harmonize IoT solutions and simplify their use. By creating best-in-class technology we are contributing to a digital and sustainable future. Therefore, the strategic partnership with the Alliance is another important step towards a smarter, more autonomous and sustainable world.” Klaus Waechter, Standardization Management, Siemens Schweiz AG

Siemens Schweiz AG is playing a pioneering role in the decarbonization and digitalization of infrastructure in Switzerland and has been shaping the everyday lives of millions of people since 1894. Today, it has almost 6,000 employees and 30,000 customers, working together to provide innovative future solutions in the fields of energy, industry, mobility, building technology and healthcare. Siemens Schweiz AG’s drive to create revolutionary technology with purpose makes them a valued partner to the Alliance’s vision for IoT transformation.

Verizon is excited to collaborate with the Alliance and its members in our mission to create seamless IoT connectivity within homes. Verizon is committed to contributing to the success of the Alliance with the same level of commitment and dedication as it does with 60+ Industry Groups and Standards Bodies where it holds various leadership roles.  We will use our extensive experience in developing and marketing millions of wireless and wireline devices to create a strong IoT ecosystem.” Musa Kazim Guven, Director of Device Technology, Verizon

Verizon’s position as a leader in their industry underscores the essential role of network infrastructure in enabling a connected ecosystem. Their perspective, experience, and contributions will aid the Alliance in crafting interoperable standards catering to diverse IoT connectivity landscapes worldwide.

Better Together

The collective wisdom of our newest Promoter members fosters a multidimensional approach to setting standards and ensuring that the needs of various industries are met. With the combined efforts of these visionary companies and our existing members, the Connectivity Standards Alliance is poised to make a lasting impact. It marks a significant step toward realizing the Alliance’s vision of a seamlessly connected and interoperable world.

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