The Alliance at CES 2020

News from Zigbee Alliance

Zigbee Alliance and its members advance innovation and collaboration throughout the IoT. This year at CES, the Alliance will discuss recently announced news and initiatives, including these developments that will drive the evolution of the IoT in 2020:

  • Project Connected Home over IP, a new working group that plans to develop and promote the adoption of a new, royalty-free connectivity standard to increase the compatibility among smart home products.
  • Amazon, Apple, Google, and Zigbee Alliance joining together to promote the formation of this new working group.
  • The newest Board Members of Zigbee Alliance including Amazon, Apple, Google, IKEA, and Lutron.

How to Connect with Us at CES 2020:

Alliance executives are available for select in-person briefings at from the show floor. The team will be headquartered with IoT ODM leader and board member LEEDARSON.

To arrange for an in-person meeting with Alliance representatives, the following members of our executive leadership will be available:

  • Tobin Richardson, President/CEO
  • Ann Olivo-Shaw, Director of Marketing
  • Jon Harros, Director of Certification and Testing Programs
  • Chris LaPré, Solutions Architect
  • John E. Osborne II, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Manager, North America, LEEDARSON

Please contact Heather Chesterman at [email protected] to arrange a press meeting.

CES 2020
Zigbee Alliance w/ LEEDARSON
Sands Expo, Hall A-D
Booth #42714

Hear from our Social Sponsors:

This year, the Alliance will be hosting a Member Social, sponsored by DSR Corporation and Somfy. This exclusive event gives Alliance members the opportunity to network with companies across the industry.

Our Member Social sponsors, DSR Corporation and Somfy, are seasoned Zigbee Alliance members with years of experience in the IoT. They represent different places in the value chain and offer unique perspectives on what Zigbee and participation in the Alliance offers to their bottom lines. DSR Corporation, a professional software and product development firm, and Somfy, a leading manufacturer of specialized motors and electronics for residential and commercial window covering markets, share their insights into the importance of participating at CES 2020 and the reason they invest in Zigbee technology.

Why is it important for Zigbee Alliance members to be present at CES 2020?

DSR Corporation – CES is one of the biggest technology shows and companies from around the world attend. There is no better opportunity to meet with customers and partners, view latest trends, and develop business in one place. For Zigbee Alliance members, CES provides an opportunity to connect with the Zigbee community, demonstrate innovation, and share their 2020 product roadmap.

Somfy – CES is a very special moment to share with customers, press, and the general public about progress made by the smart home industry. Somfy will focus its Zigbee offering presentation at CES on two topics: the value Zigbee brings to our smart shading offerings, for both our professional customers and end-users, and the interoperability that dramatically extends the richness of our ecosystems right out of the box.

What does membership in the Zigbee Alliance mean for your company?

DSR Corporation – Any company that is serious about using and promoting Zigbee should be part of the Zigbee Alliance. For us, it’s about contributing our knowledge and experience to the development and ongoing innovation of Zigbee and the IoT market.  Access to the latest standards, trends, as well as participation in working groups and other member activities is another benefit of being a Zigbee Alliance member.

Somfy – The main reason Somfy chose to join the Zigbee Alliance is to contribute to the standard definition in such a way that our specific Window Covering-related use cases are handled in the most appropriate way for our customers to get the best out of their smart shades. We are also excited to weigh in on the Zigbee protocol promotion initiatives as we strongly believe that only through massive deployment of standards will end-users really harvest all the benefits from complete smart home ecosystems.

What are the benefits of using an open standard?

DSR Corporation – Open standards are the only way to holistically solve the challenges of security, interoperability, and efficiency on the IoT market. It creates a healthy environment for product development, allowing participation of multiple vendor companies and promotes functional, interoperable applications.

Somfy – Somfy has been committed to openness with the “So Open with Somfy” program. Openness is first and foremost about interoperability which is the main obstacle to smart home massive adoption. Somfy strongly believe in collective efforts, particularly when you bring together two devices from two different vendors in an ecosystem which allows them to fully and seamlessly interoperate, it’s really 1+1=3! Openness also means more robust and market-tested technology, benefiting from the input and experience of many industry players.

Why did your company choose Zigbee technology? 

DSR Corporation – DSR has been working on Zigbee technology for over 10 years and its potential to standardize the IoT market has never been stronger. Look no further than the recent Project Connected Home over IP announcement. This reinforces Zigbee’s lasting role in the future of IoT. 

Somfy – Somfy chose to develop products with Zigbee and integrate the protocol in its ecosystem several years ago. Among the reasons were the strong industry footprint, especially in interoperability and applications that are close to smart shading (such as smart lighting), and the robust and proven underlying technology. Zigbee relying on a unique, worldwide 2.4 GHz frequency band was also key in our decision, as Somfy operates in 57 countries.

Meet our Members at CES 2020:

The Alliance members will be in attendance throughout CES 2020 demonstrating thousands of Zigbee products in booths across CES venues, as well as networking, meeting with business partners, and participating in a variety of events throughout the show.

Be sure to check out our members at CES 2020:

Accenture Panasonic
AduroSmart Qingdao Hisense Smart Home Systems Co.
Alfred Qorvo
Amazon Resideo
Bosch Sagemcom Broadband SAS
Climax Samsung
Comcast Schneider Electric
Commax Sengled
Control4 SerComm Corporation
D-link Shenzhen Tianqiao Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Dekra Siemens
Delta Dore Signify
DSR Corporation Silicon Labs
EDF Siterwell Electronics Co., Limited
Enocean Skyworks solutions
Google SMK Corporation
Itron Somfy
Jasco ST Microelectronics
Kwikset Toshiba
Leedarson Tuya
Legrand Universal Electronics Inc.
Leviton Verizon
Lutron Vision-Elec Technology Co., Ltd.
Microchip Volansys
MMB Networks Wipro
Nanoleaf ZTE Corporation
Nordic Semiconductor Yunding Network Technology  
NXP Semiconductors Jiangmen Hongli Energy  
ON Semiconductor