Zigbee Member Group China Promotes Zigbee technology for the Real Estate Market and Safety and Security Industry

Earlier this month, Dr. Wilma Su, Chairman of the Zigbee Alliance Member Group China (ZMGC), was invited to speak at the Smart Forum of the China Real Estate Annual Procurement Summit to introduce features and applications of Zigbee to the audience.

This year China’s real estate industry faced new challenges with the global pandemic and regulatory enforcement resulting in a decline in growth and profit. These challenges, in addition to customer demand for an integrated smart home, have encouraged real estate developers to explore ways to increase their property value with pre-installed smart home systems. Real estate developers have begun investigating the underlying technology in their smart home deployment options to better understand the value they can add to their properties. Zigbee is a widely adopted wireless communications standard integrated into many smart home systems around the globe. Adoption of Zigbee technology continues as it is a diverse smart home solution with many key features. These features include stable network performance, scalable network capacity, diversity of device types, and the capability to be commissioned without internet access before delivery. These features will not only help solve customer demand for integrated smart homes but allow for seamless pre-installation for the real estate market.

Dr. Su spoke about how the smart home is not just a combination of many disparate smart objects but rather an interactive system of connected devices. This interactivity requires  interoperability among many different manufacturers; this is a pain point that needs to be addressed as smart home systems continue to grow. Standardization was the primary topic discussed during the forum. Dr. Su also shared insight from the Zigbee Alliance’s experience as a global standards organization with a proven and mature certification program that ensures product interoperability that has driven industry innovation.

Sky Liu, the head of ZMGC’s Ecosystem Cooperation Team, will also address these topics to the real estate industry audience at the 2020 China Real Estate Development Smart Technology Summit in Guangzhou on December 21.

Additionally, Zigbee’s features of low power consumption, stable network performance, and scalable network capacity also align with the demands of the Safety & Security industry. At the Technology Open Day held by Tuya and Shenzhen Security Association on December 4, William Zhou, the head of ZMGC’s External Liaison & Development Team, spoke on the technical characteristics of Zigbee for key representatives in the industry.