Batteryless Dimmer Switch Green Power


Surface mounted batteryless command ZLGP17 is a perfect deal for retrofit and new buildings, for commercial or residential spaces.

Suitable for any installation : vertical (walls, glass walls, mobile partitions) and horizontal (furnitures).

To control ON/OFF light switches or micromodules, plugs or other lighting actuators, and now dimmer light switches of all global manufacturers which have the Zigbee Green Power feature. Settings is done simply, through a simple touch of a button.

Slim, it offers a perfect aesthetic consistency with all Legrand wiring devices ranges and enables the multigang installation.
Smooth and Silent, it offers a unique experience of batteryless switch touch.
Powerful, it’s tested for a range of 150 meters far field.

Available in main Legrand commercial ranges (067723L/73L/79L in Céliane, 077053L in Mosaic, 574210/39/55, 574324 in Arteor, 600083L in Dooxie, 741813L/43L/73L in Valena Next), it’s certified CE, FCC and Canadian certificates. Can be used onto the main areas of the world.

Patented solution, Design and Quality by Legrand France;
Made in France by Legrand.