Floor lamp

By Shenzhen Topband Co., Ltd

This floor lamp offers a wide range of color choices, with an incredible selection of 16 million colors to create the
perfect ambiance for any occasion. You can even choose from different scene modes through the TPorig app, allowing you to customize the
lighting to match your mood and style. And when you’re in the mood for some music, our lamp’s music mode will make your space come alive, with the lighting dancing along to the beat. Plus, with Alexa or Google Home integration, you can take your smart home to the next level with voice-controlled lighting. We hope you enjoy your new floor lamp and the cozy atmosphere it creates in your home.

Product Details

  • Firmware Version V2.0
  • Hardware Version V1.0
  • Certificate ID CSA23J67MAT42470-24
  • Certified Date 11/29/2023
  • Product ID 0x100a
  • Vendor ID 0x1329
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No