Foundation FZ100 Smart Thermostat

By Energate, Inc.

The Foundation��� Smart Thermostat and Home Energy Gateway allows utilities to drive home energy management from the pilot stage to widespread deployment. Utilities have a cost effective solution that provides consumers with a simple, easy to use device that provides utility grade connectivity, security and interoperability and delivers information on energy consumption and costs. Foundation��� will be of interest to utilities with established demand response programs as well as those looking to introduce new demand side programs, reduce energy consumption and control peak load demand by providing devices that enable consumers to effectively manage their energy consumption. �ۢ Safe, reliable, easy-to-use thermostat �ۢ Home Energy Gateway with on-board ZigBee Smart Energy and a user-accessible modular radio slot, capable of bridging load control and consumer devices with the smart meter and the cloud �ۢ Dependable load control provider, supporting both duty cycle and temperature-based control strategies in both voluntary and mandatory programs �ۢ Effective and intuitive price response device, with one simple user setting to determine how aggressively price increases should translate into energy conservation, proven to provide excellent results �ۢ Full-featured in-home display that provides both immediate and aggregated energy use information, as well as tools to track savings �ۢ Currently compliant with ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1, and will natively support SEP 2.0 (when available) and bridge to ZigBee Smart Energy 1.x �ۢ Complete remote monitoring and control features including status, diagnostics, performance and firmware updates �ۢ Built on Energate�۪s Pioneer smart thermostat platform, proven in the field to be safe and reliable, and to deliver excellent load reduction results with both load control and pricing programs �ۢ Designed to be easy to deploy: one model works with most HVAC systems including heat pumps; can be deployed on systems with as few as two wires; and has patented solid-state switching technology is both the most reliable, and capable of detecting and diagnosing system faults such as short circuits �ۢ Able to receive and share energy use data even without a smart meter when paired with Energate�۪s meter sensor accessory. �ۢ Supports Energate�۪s Companion Home Energy Manager, a full-color touchscreen console that docks on the Foundation to give it a premium face, but can then be relocated elsewhere in the home to monitor and manage energy. From a consumer perspective the Foundation is easy to use and consumers can select between a traditional thermostat home screen or opt for an energy mode screen to view consumption and cost data. The user can easily toggle from one mode to another to meet their needs. For utilities the Foundation enables: �ۢ DLC programs using temperature setbacks, absolute temperatures & duty cycling. �ۢ Dynamic pricing programs (TOU & CPP) �ۢ Peak Time Rebate programs �ۢ Electric vehicle charging �ۢ Distributed Generation (e.g., solar) �ۢ Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades Key features of the Foundation: �ۢ ZigBee�� On Board �ۢ Advanced environmental control algorithms that accurately and precisely control the temperature. �ۢ Proprietary silent switching technology. �ۢ Menu-driven user interface with extensive help screens in English (Spanish pending). �ۢ Multiple hold types: Temporary, Timed, Vacation, & Permanent. �ۢ ���Over the air�۝ upgradeable firmware. �ۢ Supports multiple levels of event participation in voluntary load control events & multiple mandatory load control events. �ۢ 7, 5/2 or 5/1/1 day schedule with up to four setpoints �ۢ Two levels of passwords (user & installer). �ۢ Support ZIP Connect connectivity for DR over Broadband

Product Details

  • SKU Foundation Finished goods Part No. 0001390251
  • Firmware Version Thermostat: Radio Module:
  • Hardware Version Thermostat: 3.0 Radio Module: 3.1
  • Certificate ID ZIG12054ZSE26203-24
  • Certified Date 06/12/2012
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No