mediola Matter Bridge

By Mediola Connected Living AG

The mediola Matter Bridge is a flexible platform targeted at product manufacturers in the home and building technology space, enabling them to integrate existing wireless and wireline products based on proprietary protocols or pre-Matter standards with the rapidly growing Matter ecosystem. The bridge is based on the proven mediola smart home gateway technology that supports over 130 brands with more than 3.000 device types, used in over 250.000 households in Europe today.

Thanks to its unique architecture, Mediola can rapidly create new types of the bridge product, supporting protocols and device types as precisely selected by OEM partners. The Matter protocol is entirely handled by the Bridge’s main processor, that handles Wi-Fi and LAN as well. The mediola Matter Bridge uses essentially the same gateway processor technology as the various mediola Smart Home gateways. In its architecture, protocols, RF + controller settings, message types and formats, data types, actual data points, the protocol’s state engines (if there are any), plus gateway behavior are defined in JSON. Such definitions are pre-compiled into a binary format and then executed in the gateway processor engine with a generic parser, formatter, and state-engine handler.

Mediola can rapidly add support for new or changed Matter device types, clusters, or other data model elements by changing the software on the Bridge’s main processor only. New bridged devices or even new protocols are typically supported by configuration changes only, i.e. invisible for the Matter code running on the main processor.

The result is a highly flexible architecture that separates changes of Matter from changes of device types device type and protocols. OEM customers benefit from a well-proven architecture, clear and simple project structures, and optimal technology re-use, resulting in high quality bridge at attractive costs. Especially important is the effective cost reduction over the entire lifetime of members of the product family. Changes in the Matter protocol, the matter SDK, or the level of support of Matter are implemented once, retested for Matter conformance, and used across the entire product platform. Additions or changes to the spectrum of supported bridged devices are changes in the configuration that do not affect the software on the main processor.

This base product of the mediola Matter Bridge supports two radios at 868 and 433 MHz plus a CAN interface for the addition of adapters to various wired interfaces in the building technology industry. The hardware is designed to be flexibly delivered in hardware variants that are subsets of the base products in order to meet aggressive cost targets.

The mediola Matter Control app (“MMC App”) is used for local control of the bridges. It enables the inclusion and exclusion of bridged devices to the Matter bridge. Furthermore, it allow to locally configure and control bridged devices. Through the MMC App mediola can support features of OEM products that are not yet available in Matter. In summary, the mediola Matter bridge together with the MMC App allows product manufacturers in the home and building technology space to capture the chances from Matter without reducing their ability to use and rapidly create new features independently of Matter.

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