Room Sensor (RS-23ZBS)

By Climax Technology Co., Ltd.

RS-23ZBS is a wireless ZigBee temperature and humidity sensor offering a smart solution for a healthy and comfortable living. It detects temperatures from -10��C to 50��C and humidity levels from 0% to 100% RH, and reports the collected data to the Control Panel periodically. RS-23ZBS also alerts the Control Panel when there is change with temperature and humidity. With the sensor�۪s LCD display, users can view real-time environmental data conveniently.

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Product Details

  • SKU RS-23ZBS
  • Firmware Version 1
  • Hardware Version 1
  • Certificate ID ZIG14016ZHA25635-24
  • Certified Date 05/20/2014
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No

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