UMEinfo Joins the Alliance

UMEinfo Joins the Zigbee Alliance

Shanghai, China “ June 30, 2016 “ Shanghai UMEinfo Co., Ltd., a total solution provider of Internet of Things and smart home products, today announced its membership in the Zigbee Alliance “ a non-profit association of organizations creating open, global standards that define the foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT) used in consumer, commercial and industrial applications. UMEinfo joins the Alliance as an Adopter member.

Shanghai UMEinfo Co., Ltd provides total solutions of IoT and smart home, which are based on end to the cloud services, and from the module up to the system. UMEinfo is famous for its years of deep technical accumulation and leading technology in the industry, and is Silicon Labs’ IDH in China.

Being part of the Zigbee Alliance allows us to contribute to a meaningful IoT experience as the marketplace evolves to deliver smarter products and seamless connections, said Oliver Zhang, Chairman and CEO, UMEinfo. We look forward to working with other Alliance members and industry experts as UMEinfo grows its smart home solution portfolio.

Shared by more than 400 member companies and other leading industry standards bodies, the Zigbee Alliance’s mission is to create, maintain and deliver the highest performing specifications, standards and solutions for the wireless IoT. The widespread availability of Zigbee-certified devices gives developers and users more flexibility to choose products they know will work with each other. The Alliance simplifies IoT product development and deployment, reduces industry confusion through the availability of a consolidated set of open application device definitions, and helps members bring the benefits and capabilities of connected IoT devices to a significantly broader range of applications and markets.

Benefits of joining the Alliance include collaborating with thought leaders and other compelling companies during Zigbee Alliance member meetings held throughout the year at various points on the globe. In addition, each month more than 80 Zigbee Alliance working group calls take place “ gathering input from companies based in 37 countries to drive foundational development for the Internet of Things.

The ZigBee 3.0 solution is now available with good support from silicon vendors and test houses. We’re enjoying a nice up-tick of companies joining the Alliance to gain access to the many available solutions from the ZigBee Alliance and to be involved in what’s coming next for the wireless IoT, said Mark Walters, VP of Strategic Development, Zigbee Alliance. We welcome UMEinfo to our quickly growing ecosystem of organizations making a difference in intelligent home and building applications.

To become part of the global smart movement, join hundreds of companies steering the evolution of the Internet of Things. Learn more about the Zigbee Alliance and membership opportunities at

About UMEinfo

Shanghai UMEinfo Co., Ltd., established in August 2011, is an industry leader and a total solution provider of IoT and smart home-based products on end to the cloud services – from the module up to the system. UMEinfo also is Silicon Labs’ IDH in China.

UMEinfo provides traditional home appliances, and supplies the electrical industry with a series of smart home solutions including intelligent IoT sensor modules, IoT communication modules, IoT gateways, IoT middleware, apps/APIs and networking and cloud service platforms, which help the user quickly and conveniently access a wide variety of home appliances and electrical equipment to the intelligent application environment. In addition, UMEinfo further provides industry application integration solutions based on industry orientation with creativity and convenience, such as smart hotel, intelligent community, intelligent road lighting, Enernet, DC Power Microgrids and Zero Energy Buildings.

Zigbee: Control Your World

The Zigbee Alliance creates, maintains and delivers open, global wireless standards that enable everyday objects to work together and to control your world in the Internet of Things (IoT). An open, non-profit ecosystem of more than 400 companies representing 37 countries, the Alliance is developing and promoting the world’s leading IoT standards across a wide range of consumer, commercial and industrial monitoring and control applications. For more information, visit

Oliver Zhang Chairman of the board and CEO for Shanghai UMEinfo Co., Ltd.
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