Welcome from Alliance Board Chair!

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It is with immense pride and excitement that I address you since stepping into the role of Board Chair for the Connectivity Standards Alliance. The importance of being entrusted with this position is not lost on me, and I am dedicated to propelling both the Alliance and the collective vision of our members forward.

I want to express my gratitude to the individuals who have paved the way before my arrival in this role. Bruno Vulcano, your leadership has been pivotal for the success of the organization, and I look forward to continuing the momentum you brought to the organization during your time as Board Chair. Kevin Kraus, your unwavering support as Vice Chair of the Board has been instrumental in my onboarding, and I’m eager to continue collaborating with you.

Since taking on the position of Board Chair, I have dedicated my time to engaging with our dedicated staff and industry leaders, as well as connecting with our membership. I am humbled by the opportunity to contribute to the progression of our organization’s growth, standards, and unified mission to ignite creativity and collaboration in the IoT.

A focus of my tenure will be the evolution of our governance framework to align with the challenges of our organization’s growth. Enhancing transparency and openness is paramount, as is the continued professionalization of technical support across all activity streams. These initiatives not only strengthen our internal structure but enhance our credibility in the broader landscape.

Additionally, our organization is at a pivotal phase with multiple Working Groups in various stages of their lifecycle. With the inception of Health and Wellness and Data Privacy, and the expansion of Access Control and Product Security, to the successful launch of Matter in 2022, and the ongoing development of Zigbee – the Alliance stands at the forefront of IoT innovation.

I am equally thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our new promoters on the Board – Allegion, Espressif, Siemens, and Verizon, with additional Promoter companies to be announced in the coming months. Their presence signifies the growing relevance of our solutions in the marketplace and an expansion that reinforces our commitment to catering to diverse needs and perspectives.

Undoubtedly, challenges lie ahead as we strive to realize an ambitious vision of becoming the foundation and future of the IoT. However, my confidence in our dedicated volunteers, our diverse membership representing vast market segments, and the stakeholders in our value chain is unwavering. Together, we will uphold our collaborative spirit and continue the way for unprecedented success.

The future of our organization and the IoT landscape is ours to transform, and I couldn’t be more honored to walk this path with all of you.


Musa Unmehopa