G4 RF1 sV ZB

By Itron, Inc.

Itron�۪s ���s�۪ Series meter is a result of combining more than 100 years of diaphragm meter engineering experience with high quality electronic and communication technologies. As a part of the end-to-end smart metering system �۪s�۪ Series is the newest development. It consists of a gas containing steel case, enclosing a diaphragm measuring unit and shut off valve, connected to an electronics unit which is enclosed in a housing mounted on the outside of the steel case. The measuring unit is a version of the field proven 2 litre RF1 diaphragm unit, which has been used in large volumes for many years and in many different environments. The shut off valve is designed to minimize the time and energy involved in operation in a way that the effect on battery life is less critical and also simplify user operation. It is located in the outlet of the measuring unit, and consists of an integrated electronic and mechanical unit. It is connected to the external electronics unit through the steel case, whilst still enabling the meter to meet the high ambient temperature requirement. The electronics unit includes interchangeable batteries and communication modules, located under a sealed cover. The electronics unit uses a proven optical detection in order to provide accurate, low power and bi-directional functionality. The modular communications interface design offers the possibility to choose from a range of different communication protocols and interfaces as per the customer requirements. The normal interface for UK is ZigBee Smart Energy SE 1.1a. The meter is connected to the gas supply through standard size UK bosses, with the outlet boss (on the right when facing the meter) having a pressure test point incorporated. ���s�۝ Series meter is available in the following variants and sizes for UK: RF1 sV ZB G4 RF1 meter with a ZigBee communication

Product Details

  • SKU G4 A6
  • Firmware Version 971
  • Hardware Version A205021 - AF
  • Certificate ID ZIG12082ZSE12231-24
  • Certified Date 09/11/2012
  • Compliance Document Download Compliance Document
  • TIS/TRP Tested No

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