By RADEMACHER Geraete-Elektronik GmbH

Who wouldn’t want it: Enjoy more living comfort, valuable time and save energy on top of that. Come home anytime and relax immediately. Go on vacation with the good feeling that at home everything is as it should be. How it works? Quite simply, with the radio-based HomePilot Smart Home by Rademacher. As an all-round carefree package, the HomePilot offers everything from a single source: from roller shutters and sun protection to heating and lighting to electrical devices and safety functions such as smoke detectors and cameras. All RADEMACHER wireless products can be controlled via the HomePilot – by pressing a button, the app or a voice command. discover your personal Smart Home – as an individually complete solution, or start small and expand your home automation step by step. Regardless of whether you live in an existing building, a rented apartment or a new building – the HomePilot Smart Home system is suitable for every living situation and adapts to your living requirements very flexibly.

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