China Electronics Standardization Institute

China Electronics Standardization Institute(CESI) founded in 1963 is a professional institute for standardization in the field of electronics and IT industry under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT). The core business of CESI is standardization work in the field of electronics and information technology. By developing scientific research for standards, testing, measurement, certification and information service. CESI provides professional support for the government’s strategic study, industry management and strategic decision, and provides technical service in standardization field to the society. CESI has been playing a significant accelerating role in disseminating and applying standards, promoting the development of the industry, and international exchange and cooperation, with: – having established laboratories, certification bodies and working stations authorized by the government and accredited by the authorities; – taking charge of the centralized management for 54 national technical mirrors to IEC TC/SCs and ISO/IEC JTC1/SCs; – having held 11 secretariats of national standardization technical committees – having established cooperation relationship with some international standardization organizations and well-known international bodies.

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